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Founded in 1996, Changzhou New District Zhongce Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou, a famous city in the south of the Yangtze River. Focus on technical research and development of weighing systems, ingredient packaging systems, and palletizing systems. With the core of “weighing, ingredient packaging, and palletizing”, we are committed to providing high-quality weighing systems, batching packaging systems, palletizing systems and application solutions to a variety of industries, forming a chemical, pharmaceutical, and grain-feeding industry. Metal, building materials, construction machinery, logistics, etc., products and targeted solutions of different scales, different applications.

With "weighing" as the core, we will vigorously develop the manufacturing and processing of weighing equipment, instrumentation, automation equipment and electromechanical products suitable for various industries. The company introduces German precision instrument manufacturing technology and develops a series of series based on China's national conditions. Products: including automatic weighing system, explosion-proof weighing system, weighing display controller, weighing module and other products. The company's products have high-tech features such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, waterproof, lightning-proof, and high cost performance, high stability and high accuracy. The performance indicators have reached international standards.

With “Binding and Packaging” as the core, we will vigorously develop packaging equipment, batching systems and automated production lines suitable for various industries. We will develop high-speed servo packaging scales, servo spiral combination packaging scales and micro-precision batching systems for different materials and different industries. The fully automatic high-precision batching system meets the increasingly growing ingredient packaging industry, increasing equipment performance and reducing artificial strength. Around the ingredient packaging, create a new automated production line, put the materials into the finished product to form a series of automated production lines. For example, pneumatic conveying system, online weight detection system, online metal detection system, fully automatic packaging system, DCS automatic batching system, etc.

Taking "code" as the core, we will study the palletizing needs of various industries, gradually improve the palletizing system products, carry out technical updates, and develop a palletizing system suitable for various industries. For example, a three-axis servo palletizing robot, a palletizing robot, a handling robot, a punching robot, a painting robot, a cleaning robot, a loading robot, and the like.

The company takes "focus on product research and development, service with heart" as its core value and strives for excellence. We hope that every user will be satisfied with our professional level and unremitting efforts. We have been adhering to the needs of users as the core, while focusing on product development, we provide technical consulting and service support for various industries. The high-quality and dedicated service has won the trust and praise of many companies. For us, users who meet different industries, different applications and different needs are always the coordinates we are striving for and the driving force for continuous improvement.

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