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  • Bulk material scale

    Bulk material scale

    Sketch: Bulk material scaleThe bulk material scale can divide a batch of bulk material into several discrete loads, weigh each weight in turn, and th…

  • Loading system

    Loading system

    Sketch: Loading systemThe loading system is used in refineries, chemical plants and some small and medium-sized oil depots to meet the automation con…

  • Checkweigher


    Sketch: Automatic checkweigher, also known as weight sorter. It is an automatic checkweighing equipment for production lines widely used in the pharm…

  • Metal detection

    Metal detection

    Sketch: Conveyor-type metal detectors are suitable for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, toy and other industries to conduct impurity testing …

  • Loading and unloading robot

    Loading and unloading robot

    Sketch: The loading and unloading robot can meet the requirements of “fast/high-volume processing tempo”, “saving labor cost” and “improving pro…

  • Palletizing robot

    Palletizing robot

    Sketch: The palletizing robot is a robot that packages the goods neatly and automatically (or disassembles) on the pallet. Its application in industr…

  • Pneumatic conveying

    Pneumatic conveying

    Sketch: Pneumatic conveying, which utilizes the energy of the gas stream to transport particulate material along the direction of the gas flow in a c…

  • Vacuum feeding

    Vacuum feeding

    Sketch: Vacuum feeding is a kind of dust-tight and closed pipeline conveying equipment for conveying particles and powdery materials by means of vacu…

  • Micro-ingredient


    Sketch: The micro-dosing scale is a small-material automatic batching weighing system. It is an automatic batching equipment specially developed for …

  • Weightless ingredients

    Weightless ingredients

    Sketch: According to the reduction rate of the weight of the material in the weighing hopper, the discharging screw machine or the electric vibration…

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