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Ingredient packaging system for dry products

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Key word:Ingredient packaging system for dry products
The ingredient packaging system for dry products is a precise and easy to operate machine with a semi-automatic scale with automatic peeling, with its automatic feeding, speed control batch and dribble feed rate and automatic set point, this Filling machines are highly sought after. The product flow from the hopper to the feed tray can also be controlled by adjustable sliding doors (included). All product contact surfaces are stainless steel, easy to disassemble, easy to clean and maintain, suitable for manual filling to automatic filling. The operation of batch size cartons.

First, load the product to be filled into the hopper and set the target weight; then place the package on top of the scale, adjust the table (up/down), make the funnel in the bag, and the first fill that is activated by the foot pedal When the cycle is complete, the controller will automatically switch to the "learn mode" of the first cycle.

During this time, the controller tests the flow characteristics of the product and determines the optimum speed and duration of the fill cycle, then removes the bag and seals it. Now fill each contiguous container according to the procedure by placing it under the funnel and pressing the foot pedal. If you want to integrate dry product fills with indexing conveyors, you can automatically fill rigid containers such as cans and cans.
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