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The obvious advantage of palletizing robots compared with traditional palletizing

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Key word:The obvious advantage of palletizing robots compared with traditional palletizing
Compared to traditional methods, palletizing robot pallets have significant advantages, including smaller footprint, multitasking capabilities, flexibility to adapt to product or pallet mode changes, and automatic tool change. While traditional palletizers have a place in extremely high speed and low variability applications, they require more maintenance and energy.


Slow to medium speed box and line palletizers, high speed full layer palletizers and depalletizers to meet the stringent requirements of food grade, sanitary, flushing, freezer and high humidity environments. , including column stacking, interlocking or pin wheel configurations, mixed load or variable pattern placement programming, low level or high level feed options availability. Barcodes are used to accurately sort individual feeds into multiple feed boxes. Insert liners And single or multi-layer boards for stabilizing product pallets using conveyors, transfer vehicles and automatic or automated guided vehicles for pallet handling safety including options for fences, light curtains or zone sensors.

Optimized for custom end tools for specific applications, optimized for automatic product conversion and guaranteed product quality and pallet stability Four-axis to six-axis robots for specific applications (speed, product weight and size) Stretch packaging integration The easy-to-use human-machine interface for pallet labelers and other third-party OEM devices is supported by our proprietary user center design, including easy-to-use tray configuration tools that restrict access based on privilege levels.
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