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Different types of dense phase pneumatic conveying

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Key word:Different types of dense phase pneumatic conveying
The dense phase is typically used to transport worn, fragile and brittle materials over long distances or short distances. Depending on the application, they are different types of dense phase pneumatic conveying, for example:

Conventional pressure: The cyclone-air standard transporter delivers most of the free-flowing material during filling, closing, sealing, pressurizing and conveying cycles; the cycle ends when the transporter and conveyor line are completely evacuated. The pressure sensor detects complete emptying.

Full line of pressure: These systems are designed for damaged materials that require wear or minimal to zero. The “KeepFull” system minimizes turbulence in the conveyor line by simply evacuating the transport vehicle before starting a new cycle. Sensor detection in the transport vehicle To the air. The compressed air in the conveyor is then discharged to the dust collector before starting a new delivery cycle.

Deep Vacuum: These systems are designed for materials that require product damage or system wear that do not require pockets in track unloading applications.

Deep vacuum/pressure dense phase conveying system: The dense phase rail unloading system allows multiple railcars to be automatically unloaded at the same time. This system does not require a service station. The extremely low line speeds of these systems are best suited for handling fragile or abrasive materials, as product breakage or system wear is a problem. This design allows the material to be transported over long distances.
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