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Automatic electronic micro control filling machine function

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Key word:Automatic electronic micro control filling machine function
The automatic electronic micro-control filling machine is compact, efficient and elegant in appearance. This versatile multi-functional machine has an elegant appearance and meets the requirements of GMP for filling glass, plastic or aluminum bottles. The machine has its own pump system that can be used with the machine. Main tank connection.

Measure liquid flow and convert it to digital signals controlled by PLC / HML-based circuits, using different sized containers to set different capacities from 0.5 liters to 5 liters. The entire range can be set on the same machine. No replacement parts are required.


There is no need to replace parts to fill different fill sizes.

Heavy duty base, sturdy construction, elegant matte finish.

Different types of flow sensors are used with an accuracy of 0.1% to 0.5%.

The containerless submersible nozzle has no filling arrangement and a pneumatic stopper.

Programmable submersible nozzle for foam liquids.

Low noise, PLC / HMI control the latest technology.

All contact parts: SS 316, easy to remove the pipe.

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