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Semi-automatic weighing and packaging system

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Key word:Semi-automatic weighing and packaging system
The system is particularly suitable for short to medium volume production because it is easy to operate and reprogram; the weighing and packaging system uses a compact single layer design that allows it to be placed in limited floor space without the need for additional ceiling height. The machine also has an open structure that makes the process both easy to operate and easy to monitor. This is very important for the fastener and automotive industries because the fastener and automotive industries typically use many different items and therefore need to be able to switch from one item to another without the risk of mixing them.

Since 1963, it has been producing medium and heavy vibrating feeders and screens. The hardware industry is an important part of the weighing business – especially for the processing, weighing and batching of heat treatment lines; therefore, semi-automatic development for the packaging industry The system is a natural step, using components and know-how.

The system includes a vibrating storage feeder, a vibratory feeder, a chute system that can accumulate, a work bench with integrated load cells and an integrated sample/checkweigher. All of this is controlled by Siemens PLC. It can be configured in different sizes and is equipped with lifts and tips. The elevator dump truck is configured according to the customer's specific container/container.
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