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Precision ingredient packaging system for primary, secondary and trace ingredients

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Key word:Precision ingredient packaging system for primary, secondary and trace ingredients
If you use dry powder, flakes or granules in paper bags, drums, or even 4000 lb bulk bags, and you want to shorten cycle times, improve consistency, reduce fuel costs, or eliminate product waste, call us today.

Our customized ingredient packaging system solutions and expert control capabilities increase productivity, reduce labor costs and improve bottom line performance. Customized turnkey systems are designed to meet the requirements of all types of processors, from small manual systems to super Large automation system.

Reduce material costs and packaging waste: The ingredient master batch batching system allows you to purchase raw materials in bulk to reduce material costs and reduce packaging waste.

Minimize the risk of employee injury: Minimize baggage handling and improve ergonomics through our batching system, reducing injuries (and worker compensation costs).

Improve quality control: Improve batch and batch quality control with precise dispensing control and integrated barcode or RFID for complete product traceability.
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