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Why automate the material handling process

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Key word:Why automate the material handling process
Material handling is the most widely used in all applications, including machine management, press management, palletizing, part transfer, box packaging and palletizing; robotic processing is available for almost all large-scale mobile parts or products in the industry. Significant advantage. Some of the benefits it has are:

Increase productivity; robots are faster than people in many applications, and can reduce unloading and loading time, thereby increasing productivity and increasing capital equipment utilization; unattended operation - if you can stage parts for robots, you can rest, lunch, and In some cases overnight production.

Reliability - Robots are very reliable; Reduce conversion time - Programs are stored in memory and can be quickly recalled to reduce conversion time; Robotic automation eliminates operator inconsistencies, improves production planning and reduces overtime; robots can execute Sub-operations such as deburring or packaging products.
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