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Application and structural characteristics of transport container scales

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Key word:Application and structural characteristics of transport container scales
The transport container scale is used to obtain the exact weight of the loading container for freight purposes. The transport container scale of the medium-sized mechanical equipment has an extra heavy structure to withstand the heavy blows and collisions in such demanding weighing applications. Large forklifts are commonly used to manipulate containers on container scales.

The structure of the container scale is unparalleled in the weighing industry. Heavy duty load cells can completely prevent overload and lateral forces, and all load cell cables run in the protective conduit. To increase versatility, the transport container scale can be optionally equipped with a heavy metal plate on the main support beam to weigh other items on a common platform scale.

Optional accessories such as forklift bumper stops can also be used to increase protection against accidental damage from external forces such as reversing. Four heavy-duty industrial load cells, each with a capacity of 30 tons, are installed on container scales with a total operational capacity of 40 tons with full trade approval.
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