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Palletizing robots enable factory automation applications

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Key word:Palletizing robots enable factory automation applications
Palletizing refers to an operation of loading an object such as a corrugated box on a tray or the like in a defined mode, and unloading refers to an operation of unloading the loaded object in a reverse mode.

Today, many plants and factories use palletizing robotic solutions for automation, and robotic palletizing technology increases productivity and profitability while allowing for longer product flexibility.

The robot control system with built-in palletizing can load and unload objects without spending a lot of time teaching. The robot work unit can be integrated into any project. With the latest development of the arm tool end (EOAT), the robot palletizing Work units have been introduced to many factory floors.

In the order completion degree, there are some robotic solutions that have completely changed the field of material processing. These include layer forming and online palletizing, layer unloading and palletizing, and hybrid box palletizing, each with specific benefits that can truly improve customer operations with significant productivity, flexibility and reliability.
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